Ready to stop letting your captions die unnoticed and ignored in crowded, fast-paced feeds?

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Turn followers into clients with captions that grab attention, boost engagement, AND bring paying clients to the DMs!

Join Vanessa Lau to master the art of writing Instagram captions so you can go from “crickets” to clients in 25 minutes,

Pulled directly from my premium program, BOSSGRAM Academy 3.0, this in-depth video lesson shows you:

The FOUR cannot-be-ignored elements of a client-converting caption.

How (and when!) to write short captions that grab and compel prospects to pay attention.

The THREE stop-the-scroll strategies to write HOOKS that do the heavy lifting for your captions.

Step-by-step walkthroughs (complete with examples!) for THREE copywriting frameworks that turn every long-form caption into a persuasive powerhouse for attracting paying clients.

Pour rocket fuel 🚀 on your P.S and turn it into an unignorable call-to-action.

✅ How to stand out in noisy IG feeds with caption structuring strategies (and apps!) to ensure readability goes through the roof!

Open up a Google doc (or grab a pen and notebook!) and say buh-bye to boring, snooze-worthy, “same ol’, same ol’” captions NOW!


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Creator of The BOSSGRAM Academy ™, I’m an online marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and content marketing expert who built a 7-figure business in less than 2 years of quitting my corporate gig.

And now, I teach new and aspiring coaches and consultants, like YOU, how to build wildly influential businesses using the ‘Gram and without resorting to make-your- skin-crawl sales tactics.

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